Hello! I'm Sophie, the 16 year old writer, baker, photographer, and designer behind this little blog. I'm a sweet-freak turned health-nut, with a mad love for dark chocolate, huge dogs, green smoothies, sparkles, black coffee, and down comforters. Some other odd facts… I have a thing for kitchensWhen I'm having trouble concentrating, I like to be upside downI fantasize about Paris constantly (and am learning French!) Mornings are sacred to me. And you can find my breakfasts on Instagram nearly daily. I have two connected toes (no, I'm not part duck.) I eat popcorn nearly every single night. And, in case you couldn't tell, I really REALLY like food. Like a lot. 

Over the months years, My Happy Place has undergone a change from a sweets blog to a healthy sweets blog. I've recently discovered my love for all things health and fitness and the joy I have when I come up with a recipe that tastes so decadent, but is actually nourishing to the body and soul and is made from real ingredients.

I've always been a baker- it's a trade that's been handed down from generations before me. However, healthy baking is a newer development. I started experimenting with more healthful recipes a little over a year ago because of constant breakouts, oily skin, and a little unwelcome chub. I wasn't willing to give up my sweet tooth, just as one isn't willing to give up an arm, so I set out to re-do my favorite recipes with ingredients I could feel genuinely good about. Although I don't have any allergies to lactose or gluten, I find I feel so much better when I bake without those things. I love experimenting vegan baking as well and you find a collection of all those recipes here!

Besides blogging, photography, and baking, I enjoy running, writing, reading, or daydreaming of what my future holds has a healthy foodie. I'd love to open a healthy bakery some day or work as a food photographer or nutritionist. Only time will tell! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! My hope is to inspire you to satisfy your sweet tooth without bursting your pants button. Please take a look around! I'm so glad you found My Happy Place. 

Loves muffins, 


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