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Hey Readers-
It has been a SUPER long time since I have posted, I know! I haven't really been baking at all lately {my mom has sort of "taken over" the kitchen since we had a birthday in our house this week!} and I haven't really gotten around to doing any fun crafts since that funky flower ball project... BUT I'm just letting you guys know I am STILL alive and blogging! lol(: I guess I should have something in this post that is somewhat FUN for you guys! haha(: One of my favorite blogs that I follow {Lovin' From the Oven} is doing a fun fun give away! Click HERE for the details!

OOH OOH OOH! I almost forgot, I have ANOTHER new blog button up for grabs! You should totally take one to post on your blog!

la creativite de la fille

Also, if YOU have a blog button I would LOVE to post it on MY blog, so if you want me to, comment below with a link to your blog. Thank you, Thank you!(:


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