Hey ya'll,
{I'm gonna start talking in a southern accent, ok?! ...I've always  wanted one! That, and a pig!"
Hahaha, I went of subject pretty fast!

So, why am I so happy today is {almost} over?! 
Well, if you read my last post, I had my first bible quiz today and I was very much fretting it.
I was picked up at 7:50 this morning and didn't get home until about 3:30, then I went out to eat
with my family,
SO I am very {very, very, VERY} tired.
The quiz was more fun than I expected. 
It was broken down into 6 {or 7, I can't remember} individual quizzes, adding to our
overall team score. Here's how it worked:
There were metal chairs with these pad sort of things on them that had buttons in them
so when we stood up, the light went on. The quizmaster would ask {or start asking} a question 
starting with the reference of the books and chapters of the bible we've been memorizing. If your book and chapter were called, you stood up. Whoever
was the first to stand up got to answer {and sometimes finish} the question, and
every question answered correctly you got 20 points towards your individual, and 
team score. 
There's way more to it, but it would take far too long to explain. (;
I ended with an individual score of 40... Not the best, but for a rookie,
I heard it's great. Apparently some don't get their first question until 
at least the second quiz! 

Our team is called "Enter That Rest" referring to our team verse:
"Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience." Hebrews 4:11 {NIV}

AND we had super awesome shirts made for our quizzes with lightening bolts and a sign that says "Rest Area"  and the verse and {real} name of our team on the back. Haha(; 

After I got home from quizzing at 3:30ish, we went out to dinner with my family, so THAT
is the reason I am happy today is almost over!

I guess that's all I've got for now! 
Also, about that little picture uploading issue, I still have no idea
WHATTTT is going on. As soon as I figure it out though, I shall
post all of those missed pictures. :P

I think I'm gonna go to sleepy-sleepy land now, because I have to wake up
early{ish} for church tomorrow morning. :P

Good night blogging world,


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