It's the little things in life that make me happy...

... Like when my favorite song on the radio turns on.

... Or when the barista puts TONS of whipped cream on my frappucino or pumpkin spice latte(:

... And when I get cute cards in the mail.

... Or when I get phone calls from my bestest friend.

... When I bake something without burning the house down.

... Comments on my blog(;

... Unexpected hugs!

... Shopping!!!!!

... An ice-cold Diet Mountain Dew(:

... Or a Gingerbread Latte like the one I had at Starbucks yesterday... yumm!(:

... When little kids say the funniest things!

... OOH! and can't forget watching my FAVORITEST movie!

... Or being in a good mood!

... And when I get to the end of this post because there are SOOOO many teeny-tiny things in life that make me oh so happy(:

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