{more} felt flowers

I have no idea what my problem-o is, but I can't stop getting' creative with felt... I hate to announce it, but I'm running out of ideas! ha ha ha(; Today, I whipped out the good 'ol glue gun and started a craft I didn't know how it would end... I loved how these turned out. You could use them to add some pizazz to any jacket, shirt, headband, purse, you get the idea... (; 

What you'll need:
felt {5 different sheets or so...}
pin, bobby pin, ring- anything you wanna glue it to
a little doodad {gem, button, etc.}
sharpie or pen
glue gun

1. Trace the shape of a flower on each piece of felt, each one getting smaller for layering.

2. Cut the pieces out.

3. Glue them together like so...

4. Glue your doodad of choice in the middle!

5. Grab a scrap of felt and put it through the bobby pin or safety pin...

6. Put some glue on the bottom...

7. And put the piece of felt and pin on top!

And TA-DA!

I think we all know I can't just make one of whatever craft I make, but MANY! (;


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  1. Those are so cute! My sister loves to do stuff with felt(me, I'm more of a beads/jewelry maker) so she will probably want to try this :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. These are super cute! I've made these "silk" flowers that are a lot like these and loooove them so i thought you might want to check them out http://www.simplyvintagegirl.com/blog/?s=silk+flowers&x=0&y=0


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