Then… And Now.

Lately, I've realized how much my photography skills have improved.
I guess all the messing around with my camera and googling food photography
tips really did pay off! 

Although, I usually don't use any shmancy props or anything, I've
learned how to make the food look simply scrumptious using
natural light…
No camera flashes for me! 

Before I really started practicing food photography, I pretty much
had no idea WHAT-SO-EVER what I was doing with the light.
I pretty much just drained out all of the happiness from my pictures
causing them to be dull and boring.


{this is my first post EVER! yup. I'm pretty embarrassed to show you guys these! }

And now...

See? Nothing a little natural lighting, and practice can't fix! Although my pictures still
aren't THE best, I'm proud of how far I've come! 

Practice makes perfect!

Have a great weekend everyone!:)

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  1. These after pictures are awesome! yeah, I look back at my photography and I'm like, WOW! thats bad... lol


  2. Sophie, I think all of the photos are wonderful. I stage about 15% of my photos. I am a work in progress when it comes to my recipe photos. I often take a photo to soon after cooking and the steam blurs the photo, giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop and for your bloggy friendship xo

  3. I love all your photos! Natural light is so much better! I've found the same thing has radically helped me too.

  4. HUGE difference! You should be proud! Photography makes or breaks a post....in my opinion!


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