{chunky} M&M Cookies

{please excuse the wet hair, oily skin, and makeup-less face. hahaha!}
LOOOOOOOK!!!! I got my first "personal" care package today! I swear to gosh I have the besest friends in the entire universe. I love them to death, and miss them bundles and bunches. One of my 
besties, Amanda, went way out with this care package! LOADS of candy {she's responsible for future weight gain}, lots of pink and Paris-y stuff {she knows me oh so well.}, nail polish, hair shtuffff, lip gloss, an adorable letter that had me near tears and laughing at the same time, and a locket that had a picture of us in it. How sweet is she? So sweet. Sweeter than these delicious cookies I'm about to share with you. 

Let's start with the M&Ms, shall we? These lovelies are something I haven't seen very
much of since we came to Africa 5 months ago. I've seen the peanut ones {not saying that that's a bad thing. Trust me.}, but I haven't seen the regular ones. Lame! When we were in Windhoek this last weekend though, I spotted some at the bottom of the candy isle. To me, they weren't in their boring brown packaging- they were glowing and angels were singing. Just kidding. More like my face was glowing and I was singing. bahaha! ;) 

Anyhoozieeeeeee. At home, I remember some stinking amazing M&M cookies that my mommy and I would always drool over at a gas station in or neighborhood. Of course, we bought them- DERRRRR. They were soft and chewy and almost like shortbread… Dang. I've been thinking about those cookies and dreaming about them. No, I'm not kidding. Dreaming about food is something I find myself doing often… Oh the life of a missionary. ;)

These cookies were yummmayyyyy and pretty close! Although one thing I hate here- the butter. It seems like nothing has been tasting right. Gross butter and an oven as old as dirt is not a good combination… Maybe I need to find some more recipes that involve less or no butter. HMMMMM…
The original name of the cookies was Giant Rainbow Cookies… BUTTTTTTTTT I decided to change it tooooo… {chunky} M&M Cookies. Oh yes. What a great brain I have. lol;) 

{P.S. Isn't that oven-mit adorbs? My awesome mother got that for me over the weekend

{chunky} M&M Cookies

2 cups + 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) of salted butter, melted and cooled
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg + 1 egg yolk, at room temperature
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup mini m&m’s (I used regular ones, but hey- it's up to you!)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Mix the flour and baking soda in a bowl and set aside. In another bowl, mix the butter and sugars until they are combined. Add the egg, egg yolk, and vanilla and stir until mixed. Gradually add flour and mix until a dough forms – it will look crumbly at first, but it will come together. Fold in the m&m’s.

Divide the dough how you choose (1/4 cup portions for 18 large cookies or 2 tablespoon portions for 36 smaller cookies). Shape each portion into a ball with your hands then pull each ball into two equal pieces. Turn each half so that the rough side of the half (what used to be the inside of the ball) faces upwards and then squish both halves together. Place the dough rough-side up on a baking sheets. If you’re doing large cookies, I’d leave about 2 inches in between each.

Bake for 12-15 minutes (large cookies) or 8-12 minutes (small cookies) or until the edges are slightly brown. The centers should be soft and puffy.

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  1. woaahh. your friends are UBER nice, haha. :) and those cookies.... *droooools*. :P


  2. So delish! Friends who send care packages are the best indeed. :)

  3. what nice friends you have:)

    candy in cookies is always a win with me

  4. I loved reading this and definitely want to make these cookies. I agree with others...your friend is a sweetie! And your Mom is an angel too.

  5. A friend in "need" is a friend indeed! lol that is great your friends were able to send you treats. Thanks for the yummy fun recipe. :)

  6. Oh these cookies look so good!!!!! And care packages are the best!!!

  7. These look DELICIOUS! I love M&M cookies! I would love it if you'd link up at Off the Hook!

  8. These M@M cookies look so delicious!! Thanks for the yummy recipe! We are so glad you linked up to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday! Come back next week! -The Sisters


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