This afternoon, my beautiful mumzy and I went to a little shop called the Dinky Bee that serves yummy cake and coffee. We went last week too so we could do our mommy-daughter devo… It's a great excuse to get out of the house, have some girly chat- you know, boys, makeup, decorating, and so-forth, and get fat on cake and coffee. (;

We had a slice of carrot cake, the first fresh slice of this amazing chocolate cake with yummy frosting and that thick layer of caramel. Dangerous, I tell you. And of course coffee… we even went for a second round. 

Our devotional that we're going through is called A Young Woman's Walk With God. It's going through the Fruits of the Spirit and how a young lady like me should go about displaying them. 
This week we talked about the first fruit of the spirit- love. We read that love isn't necessarily something you say, feel, or think, but something that you DO by showing love towards other. EVEN the ones
that are hard to show love to. 
I personally have learned how that goes... Whether it's learning to love my brothers when they're 
oh-so-irritating, or loving the people here in our new town who come up to me asking for money. WHOEVER it is, the Bible tells us we need to love them, regardless of what they say or how they act towards us.
"Whoever loves God, must love his brother." 
1 John 4:21 

Have a LOVEly day, my friends!

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  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award:-)


  2. Surely one of the best blogs you have written (since I started following) and the photo's are beautiful


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