Friday Things…

1.  This DOG! Oh my word. Our neighbors pug had babies and we introduced one of them to Carl. Carl has some umm… dominance issues and doesn't get along with other dogs very well. But him and his little friend have been "hanging out" every day in hopes we'd be able to adopt the puppy. Who knowsssssssssss.

2. I burnt the heck out of my poor little finger when I took that bread out of the oven… The finger blistered ANDDDDD… it has a heartbeat. *gasp*

3. With school now in full swing, the stress is beginning. Today I took two tests, didn't do so well, and had to retake them. As I sat at the computer studying Algebra and the Scientific Method, I figured I should probably eat… ya know, brain power? Carrots, Coke Zero, and cookies… Fuel.

4. Does anyone else think Facebook is totally lame? I don't care if you got a pumpkin spice latte… Or had a big bag of Twizzlers… or ate McDonald's for lunch. UGHHHH stop torturing me puhhhleeeaze.

5. Ya know Get Your Chef On hosted by White Lights on Wednesday? This round's theme is peanut butter… Oh dude. You should sign up!

6. As you can tell, I haven't done much baking this week. at all. I just haven't wanted to! But I also haven't wanted to eat the 3 Reese's I have left in my stash, so obviously I'm not feeling too good. Forgive meh!

7. I've been working on a new blog design… It's cute. feminine. a little shabby. and simple. It's flipping adorable and I can't wait to install it! I'm holding off for as long as I can because I may or may not have an obsession with changing my blog design.

8. My plan for tomorrow, you may ask? Sleep. sleep. sleep. and sleep. And maybe make bread. {Because the average teenager totally does that on their first weekend after school.} Watch Food Network. Catch some rays outside. Drink gallons of iced coffee. And read. AMEN!

What's new with you, my friends? Got any plans for the weekend?


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  1. Oh my stinkin' goodness! That puppy is sooooo cute! Yup I dislike facebook too! And the layout is confusing to me... I'm sorry your feeling bad and you burnt you finger...I hope you feel better! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  2. Your blog is awesome... I can't believe you are only 14. I am 13 and love your recipes. Your blog is super cute. I would love to follow you on Pinterest but your button doesn't work. :( Keep baking and writing!

  3. The puppy is sooooooooo cute!!!! I like your blog! How long have you been blogging?


  4. Following you from Yeung Mother Hubbard :)

  5. Hi - I found you on the Swap Ideas blog hop/linkup. You have such wonderful photos & some really yummy recipes. I love the pug pic - of course I am a proud pug owner so it is no surprise. I am now happily following your blog :) http://www.wonkywonderful.com


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