stuff 'n things {no. 3}

// Coconut oil. Finally. Found it. EEEEEEEEEYYYOO.

// I'm so weird. On Mondays, I typically ease into the week {my excuse for doing hardly any school.} and then jam on Fridays. It makes me feel good. 

// Made healthy brownies last night. Ate three this morning. Living the life. 

// You're gonna think I'm crazy- which may or may not be true- when I say this… I stayed up late last night, for three freaking hours untangling yarn. YES. THREE HOURS. That's one 8th of my day. Spent untangling yarn because goshdangit, knots are not okay with me. It was during those strenuous hours that I started questioning my sanity or my lack there of. Told you. Crazy. 

// Due to the yarn-untangling extravaganza, I woke up this morning really under-slept. Exhibit A) I grabbed my sunglasses instead of my prescription glasses and then nearly ran into a wall. Whoa, that was weird. 

//  I'd like to strongly suggest making pancakes in your sweatpants and chowing down while watching Friends tomorrow morn. Happy weekend! 

Links 'n stuff. 

// whole wheat apple & orange marmalade cake.
// galette with berries- GOR.GEOUS.
// brown butter baked doughnuts.
// mini strawberry galettes.
// maple walnut steel cut oatmeal with yogurt, peaches, and chia seeds. Love oatmeal!
// chocolate chip layer cake.
// pumpkin chocolate ice cream sandwiches for the awkward transition from summer to fall. .
// chocolate baked doughnuts. 
// these double dark chocolate cookies look perfect for coffee-dunking. AMEN.
// strawberry pistachio no bake tarts. So beautiful!

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