chocolate chip cookie dough energy bites

Yes, I still exist. Honestly, I have no other excuse for not blogging other than the fact that I didn't feel like baking slash making food for a few weeks there. I blame that on this ridic heat. Good lord, you guys, it's so hot. Considering that I'm one of those weird people who have to be like in arctic conditions in order to fall asleep at night, I'm not really loving this whole no AC thing. My solution is showering right before bed, not drying off, and putting the fan on high. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! My baking schedule needed to change, so now when I feel like whipping together a batch of granola or banana bread, I have to do it at night or early in the morning. Otherwise it feels like I'm in the devil's oven by about 10 a.m. 

In other news, since I last wrote, I did this really weird thing. I joined a gym. I KNOWWWWWWRIIIGHTTT. It all happened one day when we were at the doctor's office and I heard the music pumping in the gym next door. That was all I needed. It's just something to do I guess, because most days I don't even leave the house except for going for a run or occasionally going to the grocery store. {Isn't that depressing? No life, I tell you.} So even on my boring days, I will have had gone to the gym. 

My friend and I started last week and I'm pretty sure there's been more laughing going on than actual exercising. We make fools out of ourselves and I'm pretty sure the adults there think we're insane. Seriously, we were laughing so hard the other day when our treadmills seemed to have a mind of their own. It was actually kind of scary… I looked at the panel thing and saw my speed just going up and up and up without me touching anything! If it wasn't for my ninja-like reflexes, I could have been run off the back of the treadmill and against the wall like on a cartoon. 

Every morning before I leave, I like to eat something small and carby to keep my blood sugars and energy level while I'm at the gym. Sure, bananas are all fine and good, but YO. I already eat like 5 throughout the day {I have an addiction. Now you know.}, so I'd prefer something a little different. Last week's pre-gym treat was these raw chocolate truffles. Those things are my favorite and I could shove a whole batch in my face hole in a matter of minutes if I wasn't careful. When I finished those, I wanted to come up with a new energy bite concoction. I have a million ideas in my noggin, but chocolate chip cookie dough was first up. 

If you're wondering why they look so messy, it's because I thought I would try making my own dairy-free chocolate chips using coconut oil, cocoa powder, and maple syrup. I've used this combo before and it firms up beautifully, but for some reason this time it didn't. Maybe it's because I was impatient, but they turned out more like little fudge chips. You can use regular chocolate chips, chopped dark chocolate, or other dairy-free chocolate chips. Whatever works! Chocolate mess aside, these energy bites really do taste like cookie dough. I think it was the combo of maple syrup and cashew butter, but these are LEGIT. 

chocolate chip cookie dough energy bites

1 c. oats
1/4 c. flax seeds
1/4 c. coconut flakes
1 c. chopped dates
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 c. pure maple syrup
1/4 c. cashew butter
3 tbsp. dairy-free milk 
1/2 c. chocolate chips 

Place oats, coconut, and flax in a blender or food processor and pulse until a flour has formed. Add the remaining ingredients except for the chocolate chips and pulse until combined. Pour into a bowl and stir in chocolate chips. Roll into balls and store refrigerated in an airtight container. Makes about 9-10 large bites. 

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  1. I would like to try these without the chocolate since 2 in my family do not eat it.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. You have people in your family that don't like CHOCOLATE?! To each their own. hahaha ;) Definitely give them a try!! They'd still be great sans chocolate, I'm sure.

  2. Sophie, these look so good! I've seen tons of cookie dough truffles, but never any cookie dough energy bites! I've got to try these!

  3. These look delicious. I have all these on hand except the flax seeds. Do you think I cold use chia seeds instead?

    1. Thanks! Yes, you can definitely use chia instead or even another 1/4 c. of oats! They're super adaptable :)

  4. Just came across this recipe and it looks so good. Can the balls be frozen for a cold treat?

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