Girl's Night!

A couple nights ago, my mom and I were wanting to get out of the house and have a much-needed "girl's night"... So we went to Grand Avenue in St. Paul. There were TONS of really fun stores, and super cute cafes! ... I absolutely LOVED it! While we were there I got a new book {which I had been wanting for a very long time!} and a map of Paris for only $3.50 {it was actually wrapping paper, but we used it as a print that I am planning on framing.} Here are some pics...

{I made this necklace using an earring I found in one of my shopping bags... I just took out the actual earring and made it into a charm using some of my beading supplies.} 

{Cafe Latte}

{Mango Blueberry Cheesecake}

{Amaretto Cheesecake}

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