Nail Polish, Concealer, Eye Liner, and Eyeshadow Brush!

Oh my goodness I am super excited about my new nail polish I got today! {Yes, I am easily exited!} Anyways, I had been wanting this stuff for a super long time and finally got it! It's called "Mint Sorbet" from Sally Hansen XTreme Wear {fancy right?!}! I got it Target for like 2.5 buckaroos! ... Not bad for the cutest color in the world! {DRUM-ROLL!}

{TA-DA! What do you think?!}

I also HAVE to share with you my ABSOLUTE favorite nail polish in this entire universe... 24/7 by Sinful Colors! I think I got it at tTagregt for about 2 buckaroos! 

{You can't really tell how neon it is in this picture, but if you saw the actual bottle it's SUPER bright!... I love it!}

{A few things from E.L.F. Cosmetics}

A couple weeks ago, I got some shmancy tone-correcting concealer stuff from Target. The brand is E.L.F. {it stands for Eyes Lips and Face} and everything is either $1 or $3! Now this stuff works magic on my weirdly oily and zitty complexion and guess what...?! IT SMELLS LIKE ORANGES! It's so amazing I almost want to eat it! {hahahaha just kidding- that'd be weird!} It is by far, my favorite concealer I have ever used! 

 I also got an eyeliner pen... It's waterproof, smudgey-proof, AND $1! 

And an eye shadow brush that I needed badly because my old one was all flimsy and yucky! Oh yes- $1!

OOH And I almost forgot! I also have a big face brush that I use like everyyday for powder and blush! $1!

SO E.L.F. is an awesome brand, cheap in price but not in quality! 

{If you're not wanting to do the math, ALL of this stuff would cost you only about $7! I always love a good bargain! ;)}

I hope you enjoyed!

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