Shabby Blogs!

Hey Readers! So this morning, I was kinda messing around with blogger trying to figure out all those fancy URL and HMTL codes for buttons and blog dress-ups... I found a SUPER awesome website www.shabbyblogs.com. They have TONS of cute blog buttons, blinkies, backgrounds, headers, tutorials, and tons more! ... You should check it out! 

{If you have seen any of my new buttons towards the end of my sidebar, I just got those from shabby blogs!}

But I was kind of wanting to make my OWN blog button and couldn't really figure out how to! I also noticed that when I added the buttons, they didn't display any sort of code that you could copy and paste to use for YOUR blogs! 

If you know ANYTHING about this stuff, please comment below and HELP ME! haha(: 


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