Happy Halloween!!!!

Every Halloween, our family dresses up, goes trick-or-treating,carves, pumpkins, and most
importantly- eats lots of candy!(;
We still haven't done our pumpkins yet, but don't worry... They'll be 
done this afternoon! And as far as trick-or-treating and dressing up 
goes, me and my friend are dressing up as nerds! 
{and no not the candy like I was asked at the dentist this morning... More of the hiked-up pants, braces, and big glasses kind!}
The pictures, I will for sure post tomorrow! 
I know a lot of people don't like Halloween because of the icky origins and stuff...
But no, I don't go dressing up with blood dripping down my face and looking dead. 
I try to stick with the cute "puppy and princess" sort of costumes... lol(:

So what are your plans for tonight?
I would love to hear!(:

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