Pictures Part 1: Dutchess

Today, I decided to get out the camera because I haven't really in awhile... 
The reason I'm splitting it up in parts is because I took A LOT! 
...Some of my dogs {Duke and Dutchess] and some of outside because the sky 
looked so pretty since it's going to storm...
My dogs LOVE when I take pictures of them! When I get the camera out, and they see it,
they stop what they're doing to "pose"! It's so cute!(: 
Well! I hope you enjoy! 
{Next, I'll post some of my other doggy, and then some of the ones I took outside...}
P.S. None of these pictures are edited!

{I love this one! That's her "Baby"... It used to be mine when I was little
but when we got Dutchess, she found it and kept it for herself!}

{My favorite!}

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  1. ahh the pics are sooo cute! ♥ what your doing with the blog!


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