What's new in my life?!...

Well... I just realized I don't post much about me and my life- basically just about crafts, baking, and pictures... Boring, I know, for the people who aren't into that kind of stuff!

So what's new with me? 

Not tons... Since this last week was MEA for all of my public-school friends, I went to the Mall of America on Thursday with one of my besetst friends in the whole wide world, Gracie! And then Thursday night, I had a quizzing party sort of a thing which was fun, but I was super tired from shopping all day... It takes a lot out of ya! (;

Friday, I went on a nature walk and out to lunch at Subway with my friend "Kenz", my family, and my aunt and cousins. It would have been a super awesome opportunity to take pictures, but as I pulled out the camera, I saw that the camera was on low battery. :P
That night, my friend slept over and we watched Tangled {MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVERRRRRRRRR!} and caught up in life! It was super fun! After a long day, we decided to go to bed at like 10:45... Not super late for a sleepover, especially for a Friday night, but we {I} were tired!

Saturday, we had to wake up at about 8 for a raking thing we were doing for church. We probably went to about 5 different houses. We had a lot of people on our "team" so for the smaller yards, we were in and out pretty quick! After raking, we went to lunch at Leann Chin {all you can eat CHINESE FOOD for $5! Yummmm!} and then dropped my friend off at her house. I had a little down time until I babysat 5 {yes 5} kids at 5:15... 
Babysitting was fun! Taking care of 5 kids, on your own, you'd think would get a little hectic, but it wasn't to bad! At bed time, it did get a little crazy, and after like 15 minutes of them being tucked in, the youngest came up and said he was cold. I think I ended up going down there and piling blankets on him and turning on the fireplace 5 times before he actually fell asleep!
They had a new iPad and I watched The Office {MY FAVORITE SHOW!} on Netflix until I heard footsteps... again. This time, he said he couldn't fall asleep! I told him to try again but he said "sleeping is really hard!" So after awhile of talking, I brought him back downstairs, and he FINALLY went to sleep!
... Mission accomplished(; 

I earned a lot of money that night, so yesterday I ordered... TOMS! I'm super excited! Hopefully they'll be here by next week or so. I've wanted them for over a year so I've been waiting long enough! The cool thing about TOMS is that for every pair you buy, they give a pair to a child in need somewhere in the world!

Also, on Wednesday, a couple of girls from my youth group and I are going to lead worship! I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!! 
Last year, we did it a few times, but we only had a guitar and our voices. This week, we're going to have a keyboard, an electric guitar, and our beautiful voices of course! 

SO that's what's new in my life!
How about you?!

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