Kenya Pics: Part 2

Hey guys! Well I'm sad to say that our time here in Kenya is almost over... :(  

For the past 3 weeks we've been staying at a dorm in Machakos where the parents {and us kids as well} have been getting trained for the years that lay ahead of us. 
It's amazing how close all of us have become... like one big family! :)
We've been with most of the people for almost a month, since we all left our home states. 
I'm very much dreading MORE goodbyes 
{though I thought it was impossible there could even be more.} 
We're leaving the college on Tuesday morning and then we'll stay in Nairobi 
{again... Where we were staying before} 
until Wednesday morning when we will be leaving for Namibia. 

I'm kind of excited, but mostly not, considering how long we've been with 
the same people in the same place and how close to the people 
and used to our surroundings we've become. But on the other hand, it's
exciting to know we will finally be able to settle down and stop moving around constantly!

I've had some pretty amazing experiences though... Like in Nairobi, I had a horrible toothache and when I went to the dentist, I was told I had to get a root canal! Not fun. But I lived! :) We also got to go to many markets, try some different foods, go on a safari, and meet some really cool people!

 I'm gonna miss this place.

My family half way up a mountain we climbed... It was really fun and had a B-E-A-U-TIFUL view! :) 

Me and my mommy rocking' the long skirts. Oh yes! ;)

Me, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Shyanne

Shyanne and I at the top of the mountain!

It got SUPER hot that day and since we were almost 
done and had some leftover water... WATER FIGHT! 

The fabrics they have here are AMAZING!!! I got 2 pieces for 300 shillings or about $3.50! Then I got both of them made into skirts for 600 shillings each or $7... So I got two skirts for about $11! :)

Well I guess that's all I shall post for now! I have more pics, because we went on a safari a couple days ago and I got some really cool ones! I'll try to post them soon! :) 

Cyber hugs from Kenya!

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  1. Cyber hug back! Good-byes can be hard :( I'm sure you'll do well though! It looks so beautiful there!!!!!!!!!!! And I love those skirts :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

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