We're here!

Sorry I haven't been able to blog for awhile! We've been so busy here in Kenya and when I was finally able to get around to it the internet decided to stop working! haha ;)

We got here on Friday night at about 11:00/11:30 pm. We're staying at a guest house where many of the other missionaries are staying as well. The weather has been around the 80's... Not super hot, but when you're come from Minnesota,  it's a shock, although we're getting used to it now(:

On Saturday we walked to Nakumats which is there version of a Wal*Mart... I found some Herbal Essence conditioner which for some reason made my day that I was able to find it there! It's the little things in life... :) I noticed that the culture here is very different! In so many ways I can't even list....

Every afternoon at 3:00 we have tea time! In the dining room, they set out coffee, chai, and treats for us to snack on... My favorite was the mandasi... It's kind of like a donut in the shape of a triangle... I would love to have one right now! :)

Yesterday, we went to the church that was right next door to where we're staying... Most of it was a worship service, and some of the songs they sang in their language, Swahili. And I don't know any Swahili except for "Jambo" which means hello. haha(: They had a cool market going on as well but I didn't go... My dad did and he got me an awesome bracelet(:

I'm having way more fun than I thought here... We've been playing soccer with some of the kids that live around here with a deflated basketball, but when my dad went to the market he got us a soccer ball to leave at the house of the kids to use. We've also been playing at a park outside and also TONS of card games with the other missionary kids... :) Although I love it here SO much, I'm happy this isn't the place where we will be living... because Namibia is going to be more "westernized"... I can't wait to get there and set up our house and put all my decorations in my new room!

I'm I was finally able to blog about it(: And don't worry- pictures shall be arriving soon!

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  1. I'm so happy you are having fun and such an adventure!! And yes cannot wait for pictures :P Have a great day and I'm praying for you! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

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