What's up!

Hey guys!

So we've been in Georgia since yesterday!
It's been a tiring last couple of days though...
This morning I woke up with a sore throat
and stuffy nose. I felt super miserable today,
but I'm hoping it's going to pass over soon.

BECAUSE... tomorrow we're leaving for Kenya {Finally!!!!}
 Our flight is leaving at 5 I think and we're going to be in the
plane for 16 hours! Sounds not very fun, especially with a cold!
I'm really hoping I'm not going to get all plugged up! :P

Anyhoo... Today we were at the AIM {Africa Inland Mission}
headquarters getting all the last minute details squared away...
Us kids were doing some games and getting to know the other
MK's that we're going to be in Kenya with. I'm kind of excited
to leave though {despite the sickness} because we've been
waiting for this day for SO long! We have to have all of our
suitcases packed and into the lobby by 8:30 tomorrow morning!

I've been sitting in bed since about 5 layin' low, watching TV
in my jammies. :) My plan for the rest of the night is to watch
American Idol {which I haven't been able to watch at all yet
because I'm usually busy on Wednesday/Thursday nights!
EXCITED!!!} and then get some good sleep for all these
CA-RAZYYYYYYY days coming up!

SOO! Please pray for a safe flight tomorrow and for this horrible cold to pass!

Thanks and hopefully I'll be blogging from Kenya soon!

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  1. I've been praying and I'll pray for those things!!!!!!! I know...I've only gotten to watch like 5 minutes this season! It sounds very exciting and I'm sure you guys are going to have so much fun! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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