A peek into Pinterest: One Day...

I came up with the idea of sharing with you guys some
of my favorite things from my Pinterest boards... 
Today, all mine are coming from this board...

And yes.... I am already planning my wedding!
But trust me, I'm not the only one. :)
Who knows when it will actually happen, but when
it does I will be prepared.
 ha ha ha :)
I already know everything that I want...
The flowers, my dress, the colors, theme, everything.
But there's one thing missing...
My prince.

I thought this was cute! Gotta love the TOMS! :)

I love this idea! Very vintage...
And if you couldn't tell already, vintage is
my kinda style! 

And of course a pink dress... 

How adorable is this?!

Once again...
Vintage. :)

I love this !!!
They're super pretty and
Maybe I should try it sometime...
Although I don't know if you can
get those kinds of flowers here.

This dress would be super pretty for a beach wedding...

Let me know if ya'll would want to see more
posts like these... I have many more boards I'd be 
more than willing to share!}

"Drop everything now. 
Meet me in the pouring rain.
Kiss me on the sidewalk.
Take away the pain. 
'Cuz I see sparks fly
Whenever you smile."
-Taylor Swift

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  1. I LOVE your vintage pictures!!! <3



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