French Toast in a Cup

In case you guys missed my guest post at Diddles & Dumplings last week, here's the
delicious recipe I shared...

French Toast in a Cup
2 pieces of bread {whatever kind you like!}
1/2-1 egg {depending on how eggy you like it. I used 1/2 an egg because I'm picky about textures…}
3 tbsp. milk
sprinkle of cinnamon
a drop of vanilla {optional}

Cube your bread and butter the inside of a coffee cup. 

Place the bread inside the coffee cup of you choosing…

In a separate bowl, mix the egg, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Mix it all together with a fork and pour it into the cup.

Smoosh it down a little {but not too much. You want your bread to soak it all up!} and give it a minute to soak.

Stick your cup in the microwave. Start with a minute and add 10 seconds until it's cooked just how you like it. 

Bon Appetite! 

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  1. Hey, Sophie!

    This looks spectacular and is making my mouth water :)
    The photo is magnificent - your photography skills are extraordinary!

    God bless!

  2. Cube bread and butter? Didn't say how much butter

  3. Just enough to coat the inside of the cup, guys.

  4. This is delicious! Plus, since it doesn't have sugar or honey, it only has a tiny amount of butter, and I used whole-wheat bread I don't feel guilty about my indulgence! Thank you so much.

    To anybody trying this, I recommend you take out your bread 24 hours beforehand so it gets stale. It'll soak up all the liquid really nicely and French Toast was actually created as a way to save bread that had gone bad.


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