Summery Chopped Salad

Sometimes, you need to make a salad to go with your meal. Ya know… So everything else you chow down with it seems healthy!

Or… If you just want to make it for lunch that works too! And trust me, you'll want to!

I love salads especially in the summer…

And since I'm now living where there's summer weather all year I've found myself eating and craving them a lot more than I did when we were in the States. I'm not complaining, trust me.

Although it seems a little weird that I find myself craving fruit and veggies more than candy and cookies… Some days I bake JUST for you people! It's a scary fact.

And then there's other days where I'm like "GIVE ME CHOCOLATE OR GIVE ME DEATH! Nom nom nom." With chocolate smeared all over my face… Hey it happens!

Anyways… We had some friends over after a LOOOOOOOONG church service this morning. My mom made sloppy joes {the sloppy kind.}, potato chips, and all that good stuff.

So me, being the health nut that I am {ha.} I figured I should make something a little healthier to balance out the meal, right? And this beautiful salad was born.

It's so light, and fresh, and summery you'll wanna eat it all season {or year for that matter} long. It was a hit and everyone loved it!

I'm hoping to have the leftovers for lunch. Because I'm running in the morning. And being healthy and stuff. After I eat about half a pan of these. :)

Summery Chopped Salad
{no one measures salad stuff right? good.}

iceberg lettuce
dried cranberries
feta cheese
walnuts, chopped
sunflower seeds

Prepare the bacon and chop it.
Wash the lettuce and spinach, roughly chop it, and put it in a large {or small} bowl. 
Cut up the pear into chunks; add to the lettuce and spinach. Add in the walnuts, sunflower
seeds, dried cranberries, and bacon. Serve with your favorite salad dressing {I used italian.} 

Bon Appetite!

I have some other non-sweet stuff that I'm thinking about posting… Yay or nay?

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  1. I love salads in summer! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is my fav salad, but I sub pecans for the walnuts, gorgonzola for the feta, pine nuts for sunflower seeds, and use balsamic vinagrette dressing. So super yummy, you'll wanna lick the bowl!!! :-D

  3. mm this looks delectable! I love nothing more than a crispy fresh salad in the summer time!
    I am stopping by from the bloghop to say hello!

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