{skinny} brownie in a mug

Today was one of those days. Ya know... Lounging around in your pajamas literally ALL day. Pajamas to pajamas is how I roll. Skipping your run in the morning. Plopping your tush on the couch and taking quizzes, tests, and writing essays on the Eiffel Tower aaaaaaaaaaall the live long day. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was sold as scrap by a con artist TWICE? I don't kid. 

It was also one of those OHMYGAWSHIWANTTOSHOVEVERYTHINGINSIGHTINMYFACE kinda days. I just kinda... grazed throughout the whole day. I had a normal breakfast. Ate two homemade energy bars while I was doing school. Had a carrot and hummus. Made this brownie. And then ate guacamole by the spoonful. That's how Sophie does it.

A few weeks ago, I came home from French and had a serious case of chocolategetinmymouth. I googled "healthy single serving brownie" and came across a recipe that claimed to be 100 calories. After I whipped it up, it ended up being approximately two tablespoons of batter. What kind of sick joke is this?! Not fair. 

I then proceeded to take matters into my own hands. Like usual. This brownie turned out SPECTACULAR, especially for being under 200 calories for the whole dang thing. It's perfect for when you're craving something chocolatey and fudgey without spending half your daily calorie count on a bowl or 5 of ice cream. Also. If you eat this for breakfast, I promise I won't judge. Imagine with some bananas on top. Or berries. Or peanut butter. Ooooooooooooooooor homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Kinda defeats the whole skinny part of it, I guess.

{skinny} brownie in a mug

2 tbsp. wholewheat flour
2 tbsp. granulated sugar
1 1/2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
pinch of baking powder
1/4 tsp. vanilla
3 tbsp. plain yogurt

In a microwave safe bowl or coffee mug, combine the flour, sugar, cocoa, and baking powder. Add in the yogurt and vanilla and stir until smooth. Microwave for about 1 minute. Depending on how gooey you like your brownie, you could microwave it for more or less since there's no egg in it. 

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  1. Gonna try this right now. I don't have plain yogurt, so I'm gonna use coconut Greek yogurt. healthier, right?

  2. Love your blog! Just made this. So tasty. (: Thanks!

  3. Whipped this up for the hubs and I this evening, and we loved it! (He thought I was a miracle worker when I answered his "Wish we had some snacks in the house" with "I'll be right back" and came upstairs with this). I substituted one tablespoon of the yogurt with one tablespoon of coconut oil. And because I felt guilty about that, I threw in some flax seed :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I get ya on those "100" calorie mug cakes ... Who wants that measly serving? I LOVE how yours uses yogurt and real sugar! Definitely trying this.

  5. Just made some, didn't have real cocoa substituted chocolate milk mix and a generous squirt of chocolate syrup. Ice cold milk made a perfect snack.

  6. Can it be in normal electric oven?

    1. I'm sure it can! The baking time will probably differ so just be sure to keep an eye on it :)

  7. What can you substitute for the yogurt? I don't have any in the house right now and really wanted to try this.

    1. I used milk. it works just as well. or cream

  8. I used greek yogurt, which made it so thick that I couldn't stir it, so I added some water. It didn't turn out well. Next time I'll use milk instead of yogurt as the girl above said.

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  10. amazing!! This is delicious. This was more of a sauce/paste for me than a brownie - too thin but the taste was brilliant.

  11. From my research:
    210 cals
    2.5g fat
    1.5g sat. fat
    170mg sodium
    46g carbs
    5g fiber
    29g sugar
    153.1mg calcium
    361.8mg potassium
    8g protein

  12. It is also brilliant if you use sour cream instead of yoghurt - it's not so [slim], but tastes just brilliant. The perfect comfort food.

  13. I feel like the plain yogurt flavor is way too strong. Thoughts/ideas?

  14. I tried greek yogurt (all i had on hand) and it did not turn out well. I'll have to try the milk idea? Or coconut oil/milk...(:

  15. I thought this was very pasty and not worth the precious 210 calories. I am trying to be pretty strict about my caloric intake, and I was sad it wasn't as delicious as everyone had said.

  16. I tried it with plain yogurt, but the result was too sour and too chewy. The second time, I replaced yogurt with melted butter. It turned out way better.. in fact it tasted so good with gooey texture as I expected :)

    1. how much melted butter did you put in?

    2. Icky... It was so chewy, boingy and wet spongy. Do not make... Use with butter and milk/water!

  17. It was just the chocolate fix I needed. I didn't have plain yoghurt so used non-fat instead!

  18. Absolutely delicious. Was craving for a midnight snack and what a great way to help with your chocolate cravings. Delicious chewy and chocolaty, will definitely be making this again. Thank you for the recipe :)

  19. I need to try this recipe. I am a Chocoholic and I need to control it.

  20. Mmm..yum!! I was craving some junk food and we had nothing in the house since hubby and I are trying to eat healthier. Came across this and thought, why not? Whipped it up and eating it right now. I only had vanilla yogurt instead of plain and it's super tasty...and gooey and chewy just the way I like it. Fixed my craving and I didn't have to make a whole pan that I prob would've finished off in 2 days. Thank you!!

  21. If you use oat flour (I just put oats into the food processor/blender until they have a flour-like texture), it reduces the calories and gives it a good flavor!

  22. This recipe will look much attractive if you are using customized or personalized mugs . I like your blog very much.

  23. I just read some of the other comments: I used plain Greek yogurt (Fage or Dannon) and it works great! Shame it is not working well for other people. And I too am concerned with cal intake, my recipe is only 124 cal, 14g of carb & 16g of protein since I use protein powder instead of flour :D.

    1. BTW, OMGosh this is GREAT. I've been having it for dessert every dinner, specially in the cold snowy nights in the mountains of Woodlan Park, CO. I use protein powder instead of flour and also my cocoa powder is spicy and as already some sugar in it so I add no more. The result is excellent, creamy and super moist :D. This is a keeper :D. Thanks for sharing :)

  24. the plain yogurt is nasty in this - i think the author and some ppl might think 'plain' is vanilla and it's not. 'plain' is different and just tastes like sour cream or something. It makes the recipe taste like sour cream mixed with coco powder. It was really good, however, with more sweetener added

  25. By vanila do you mean vanila icecream ?

  26. Absolutely delicious. Was craving for a midnight snack and what a great way to help with your chocolate cravings. Delicious chewy and chocolaty, will definitely be making this again. Thank you for the recipe Healthy Brownie Recipes | Keep Healthy Living :)

  27. Mine didn't work out so umm well it exploded in my microwave and was a little bitter

  28. Just tried this and it was so good! I read in the comments that some found the greek yogurt to be too thick, so I used 2 T of greek yogurt and 1 T applesauce. It came out SO GOOD, the batter wasn't too thick and when it was cooked it had a great brownie texture; kind of chewy, which I liked, but not at all tough. I will definitely make this again, and maybe try swapping maple syrup for sugar but keeping the 3 T yogurt.

  29. i don't have the flour. Is there anything I can substitute if with instead..say coconut flour?

  30. I'm sorry but it just tastes too strongly of yoghurt! Try milk instead

  31. Just made this and was tremendously disappointed. Had a really odd consistency and didn't taste that good.
    Ah well....

  32. Just made this but used peanut butter and a little milk instead of yogurt 😀😀😀

  33. BEWARE:
    Uncooked flour is a health risk!
    It can harbor E. Coli or other bacteria if not cooked properly.

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  37. I used almond milk instead of yogurt and really like how it turned out!

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