stuff 'n things {no. 4}

// my new favorite lunch- dark rye crackers, smashed avocado, sea salt, and hard boiled egg. AMEN. 

// I'm a total rain-freak. Unlike some people who think it's depressing, rain only feeds my energy. Considering the fact that we hardly had a rainy season last year {darn you, desert.}, I got so excited when I heard rain outside. And then it ended likeeeee 5 minutes later. I felt so let down. 

// Ya know what's the worst? Having the serious URGE to bake, but then you don't have the ingredients to make what you want. I want to shoot something. 

// these easy stick buns with bacon… What theeeeeeeeee.
// Apple pie pancakes. Because there's no such thing as too many pancakes. 
// these fig orange and almond scones. YERRRM. I wish I could find figs here, goshdanggit.
// caramel chocolate slices… The fact that they're good for you makes me want them like 10098888x more.
// coconut angel food cake with greek yogurt frosting. LOOKS SO GOOD and floooooofy.
// OMGAWWWWSH- the cuteness.
// more pancakes. Ahhh, mehh lyyyyfe. 
// Literally was drooling over these pretzels. Like full on, drool forming little pools in the cheeks. Gross, sorry.
// ultimate raw vegan ice cream sandwiches. HOW ARE THESE HEALTHY, WHAT?
// Homemade peanut butter chips? BOOM! That was my mind. Being buhhh-looown. 
// Must we sift this flour? Loving this Baking 101 series from Joy!
// this post all on eating well and in moderation. Spot on. PLUS… A chocolate chip cookie recipe. Moderation, guyzzzz.
// brownie belgian waffles. WUHHHHHT.

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