My opinion on... MAKEUP!!!

Hey girls! 

I thought I should share with you my view on makeup... 

As a thirteen year old girl I don't wear truck-loads of makeup like some people do and I definitely don't love the look... However, I still do wear some makeup. It changes up pretty much every day, but I try to stay to the neutral side of town... 
I  pretty much always wear mascara, occasionally some eyeliner, and if I feel like getting real crazy, maybe a little bit of eyeshadow. 

As far as face makeup goes, I sometimes wear pressed powder and when my skin is in an extra-sucky mood, a little but of concealer. I'm not a huge fan of bright orange skin and looking like a carrot so I try not to wear too much. (; If I don't have perfect skin, I sure don't want it to look like I do! 
That way if I don't feel like wearing any, people who see me won't be like

ha ha ha(=

... God gave me my face for a reason and even if I don't have perfect skin, I don't want to cover up what He gave me! 

I hate-  STRONGLY DISLIKE when people use loads of makeup. I'm not a huge fan of when people wear so much face makeup that it looks like if they were to start crying or sweating that it would all just drip off like a mask... Or when there's an inch of eyeliner under a person's eye. 

{I hope I'm not being to harsh!}

But I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wearing makeup! 
Every single girl is beautiful in their very own way. In fact, I SOOOO admire when I see a girl not wearing any makeup and showing off the beautiful face that she was given!
In my opinion, no one should use makeup as a coverup for what they have, but for a highlighter to show off what they already have. 

Just remember that you don't need makeup, nice hair, or shmancy clothes to be beautiful 
{even those are great things to have},
but that your true beauty comes from the heart, your actions, 
and the words that come out of your mouth.

"The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him
for he is your lord." 
Psalm 45:11

SOOOOO! That's all I have for today!(: 

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