Sponsor Loves {September}

BOOM SHA KA LA KA! I love bloggers. Really, I do. 

And by button swapping this month, I was able to get some new traffic AS WELL as provide some other bloggers with tons! These ladies have wonderful blogs that you should definitely check out! 

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Anyways…  Let's meet this month's awesome bloggers, shall we? ...

Hi there.  I'm Julie from White Lights on Wednesday.  I live in Arizona with my 2 boys a boyfriend/husband type Mike.  I've found my little niche in blog land cooking and baking.  I love food - making it, sharing it, EATING it!  It's kind of my happy place.  I am obsessed with freshly cleaned sheets, they're amazing! I like wine and whiskey.  Not together though...ewww.  And you can almost always buy me off with a Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cone from Dairy Queen.

Hello! I’m Natalie, the author and baker/photographer/seamstress behind Life {Made} Simple. My husband Stephen and I met in 2007 while attending Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, UT. We have since married, graduated, moved to Florida and relocated back to Utah. I currently help teach culinary classes while the hubby goes to law school. He's obsessed with soccer and I'm obsessed with all things creative! I started our little blog originally as a journal/travel log so our family could keep up with us. Now it has grown into something that means so much more to me! I hope you'll stop on by, we'd love to have you!

P.S. Don't you just love it over here at My Happy Place? I love keeping up with Sophie and drooling over her yummy treats- she's awesome! {Thanks Natalie!}
My blog is about "A twenty-something on her own for the first time learning the ins and outs of cooking" I, well, am that twenty-something! I started writing the blog as a way to challenge myself to become a better cook (or, more appropriately, a cook at all).  I first caught the cooking bug my Junior year of college as I watched my roommate at the time prepare delicious meals while I ate mediocre take-out from local shops.  As I left college, entered the real world, and moved out on my own, I realized that cooking would be a necessity.  Knowing I'd be more likely to stick with it and not settle into cooking a small repertoire of meals if  I had an "audience," I started the blog in November 2010 to keep me motivated. My blog is for those that think they can't cook, that cooking takes too long, or that recipes can't be used if the exact ingredients aren't available. I hope that my culinary excursion helps others realize that cooking, and cooking well, aren't that tough to do. 

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