stuff 'n things {no. 1}

Hi friends! I've decided to hop on the "weekly list blog post" train, albeit quite late {as per usual.}, but better late than never. Ya know how I be. This is obviously a really trendy week for me because I also just painted my little toesies pink ombre. Feeling ready to conquer the world. So there's that.

The idea for stuff 'n things was born out of my scattered-all-over-the-place-girl-brain, a mad love of making lists, and because I totally adore reading posts like this from other bloggers. Maybe you feel the same way about little 'ol me, I don't know. Or maybe you just care about brownies.

I'm hoping to have these little posts going up on a semi-regular basis {or probably when I feel the instant need to list of things of little significance.} and filled to the brim with whatever I think you need to know A-S-A-PLEEASE {Uncle Si. Anybody get that?} - photos, snippets of my life, and links to things that caught my eye across the interwebs. So here goes!

// Stay strong. Love this promise! ^^^

// This week was the first week of school for most of you earthlings, but since I'm not sticking to any particular school schedule {the one and only positive side of having no life. ha.}, this week is no different than any other. Everyone is talking about back-to-school shopping, and when I started tenth in July, my back-to-school shopping consisted of getting a shiny new pack of pencils and a couple of green spiral notebooks from the grocery store.

// And that's all I have to say. 'Cuz school, ick.

// Summer is revving its engines over here, and the temperatures are getting hoooot. My friend and I went out on Monday for the first ice cream of the season. It was satisfying despite the typical play-dough-ey undertones going on. Oh 'Frica, how you perplex me.

// I ate popcorn for lunch today. It's a good day; the sun's a-shining and the corn's a-popping.

// Umm, I'm never limiting myself in the diet department ever again as long as I shall live. Because thanks to that raw dealio, all I want is CARBS. Carbs carbs carbs carboooooos. Holy moly backfire, much?

// As far as my workouts go, I'm kinda all over the place. One week all I wanna do is yoga. One week pilates. One week running. I'd be lying if I said I don't get bored super fast. This also explains the fact that I change my music approximately every 46 seconds. I've been running so much the last two weeks and it's felt so great! I used to go early in the morning before school, but lately I prefer evening.

// Now that pumpkin season is sneaking upon us {not here. but in the blogosphere}, I'm trying to think of a few recipes to make with the few cans of pumpkin we have stashed in the deep abyss of our "american cupboard." My mom likes to keep them all to herself, so I have to be wise with the can or two I'm allotted. Pancakes? Cookies? Muffins? Bars? Pie? OATMEAL? Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

// When we were in the States, I used to go biking ALL the time. You better believe I had a pink and white Schwinn, basket and all. I miss that thing and haven't biked in the last year and a half. My brothers got bikes, so I've totally been taking them for rides. I don't care if they're like half the size I need. It feels good to move. And my buns are 'a burnnin'. Glamorous.

In case you've missed some goings-on around here… 

Around the interwebs… 

// this CAKE. Gorgeous. Not to mention BROWNED BUTTER.

// I'm totally digging this pumpkin pie spice white chocolate caramel corn. Just yes. 

// Ice cream cakes remind me of summer pool parties with family when I was younger. Love this Cookie 'N Cream version!

// I love how she thinks. CAKE FOR BREAKFAAAAAHST. 

// These PB&J granola bars! Totally wanting one or five. 

// Coconut English Muffins- HEYOOOOO. 

// Basically adoring these brownies. Such puuuuurdy colaaaaarrrs.

// This warm lentil salad with cherries, pistachios, and goat cheese. MMM. 

// Homemade cookie crisp cereal! And it's gluten-free and dairy-free! SCORE!

// Summer cobb salad with green goddess dressing. 

// I'm super duper wanting cake. 

// 13 Food & Drink Pinterest Users You Should Follow… As if I don't follow enough already. HA. 

// Pink. Ruffle. Cake. AHH, the cuteness!

// This is one lemony cake. And I lemony love it. 

// Just discovered this fantastic blog. 

// chocolate peanut butter nutella oreo cookies. PUHHLEEEASE.

// Hi, my name is Sophie and I have a mad addiction to granola. Thanks for listening.

// Hello, apple cinnamon sheet cake with cream cheese frosting. I don't care if this African sun is a million trillion degrees. I wan this in meh bellehhh.

// These chewy chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies made with coconut oil. Good gracious, LOOK AT THE OOEY GOOEY GREATNESS.

// So far, I've loved every single post Ashley has shared since she started breakfast Fridays. This week's summer fruit with lime sugar + mint? AMAZAAAZING. 

// Seriously salivating. 

// Dying over these oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pancakes. I love you, Izy.

// Oh my lanta. Peanut butter cup heath bar browned butter cookies. No words- just drool.

{I apologize for the bonk-a-tonk amount of links. Couldn't help myself.} 

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